Writing dynamo

There is this girl… She’s writing 12 novels in a year (13 if she writes fast and have some time between novels). All year round NaNo.

Who else here thinks she’s crazy? And who else here would like to give it a try?

*slowly raises hand and looks around* Me.

Wouldn’t it be the same feeling when you’re reading? The first few words you’re still on the planet Earth, but the more words you read, the more removed from reality you become and suddenly you’re totally engrossed in the book’s world. What if it’s the same with writing… let’s say the first 50-60’000 words are hard, you’re still on planet Earth, but as you approach the reality threshold the smoother your writing becomes, the easier it gets, the more your hands seems to be in possession of someone else but you – they are moving, but you have no idea how or how the fingers can hit the right keys when your mind is somewhere in outer space without a spacesuit?

I have to try it. I seriously have to try it. No more excuses. 12 novels in a year. So be it! November and beyond here I come!

If you want to have a look at above mentioned crazy girl’s blog go here: http://12novels.com
Talk about “keep on writing”! 🙂


Stephen King On Writing

I finally ordered the book (from Amazon) and it arrived a couple of days ago. I haven’t had time to start reading it (trying to get throuhg 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, me too. Although I’m struggling and desperately want to shake the main character Ana so that her teeth fall out. Hello? anybody home? I’m stuck at page 100-something, after the first sex-scene. I got through it (okay I admit, I skipped some parts – if I wanted to read about sex I would have bought playboy) and was so disgusted by the end of it that I put the book down… I could go on, but I’ll dedicate a whole post to that book later on)

Back to On Writing; I have somewhat big expectations, like some revelation is going to occur after I’ve read it. (I’m talking about On Writing here, not 50 Shades… keep your pants on) I’ve heard so many good comments about that book that I’m sort of daunted to even open it. I’m a huge fan of Stephen King (although his writing scare the shit out of me. My favourite is The Running Man and The Langoliers (however that is spelled) and I hate Misery <.< ) Now I’m sort of afraid I’m going to be disappointed when I read it, so I try to postpone it…

Maybe I should just take the bull by the horns and read it and stop procrastinating. Would be good if I had read it before November starts.

(50 Shades is still bothering me… I’m one of those who, once something is started, it has to be finished no matter how pointless it is. Although I never finished the 3rd Twilight book, I read the first and second, so I’m thinking I should at least read the first book in the 50 Shades-trilogy. But I’m having a hard time…)

November is coming

Here could be a picture of Sean Bean in medieval-ish clothes, looking into the distance… But I was too lazy to do it, so I hope your imagination is up to scratch. Those who don’t understand; it’s not necessary to understand.

For everyone who is writing – or attempting to – next month is NaNoWriMo. (That’s short for National Novel Writing Month, that is less national and more international nowadays, but anyhow…)
For you who have never heard of this madness called NaNoWriMo, it is in November. From 00:00 on 1st to 23:59 on 30th. So what are you supposed to do during this time then? Why, write of course. 50’000 words. Yep. You heard that right. 50’000 words. That is 1667 words per day. Which could mean about 1-2 hours writing time, or if you’re anywhere like me; 12 hours of procrastination. I still manage to surprise myself by winning.
I have won 3 years now. And I have 3 somewhat sucky novels (okay, one is actually not finished, just hanging halfway and I hate it) in dire need of editing (what, did you think any of these 1667 words were gonna be any good? think again)
Anyone can do it. Even you! What? you can’t? That’s because you haven’t tried yet!
You’re too busy? The first year I won I was studying full time, and had exams coming up and had to spend every Thursday in the computer lab programming. I still managed. the second year I was unemployed, and I struggled with meeting the daily goals, even though I had nothing to do during the days, other than the occasional job interview.
So, you’re never too busy, and it’s never too late to finally write that novel!
Write on!