About 52000 words

So… I’m done… well, not exactly done, I have one novel from start to finish, with a very condensed end, because I was eager to start the next novel and couldn’t be bothered to write out all the details of the ending for the first one. Right now it reads like a movie review, and is more cliche-y than a… cliche? It’s a lot of Oh, I’ll just offer my life so that you can live, but promise me to save this guy, and she does and the guy is really grateful and they go on living happily ever after in their afterlife. Did I say my first novel has angels in it? Yeah… angels…

But I actually like these angels, because somehow they have secret agendas worthy of Desperate Housewives. No, I don’t watch Desperate Housewives, my boyfriend does. I still love him though 😉

So, this second novel that I was thinking of finishing up in 2 days (50 000 words in two days… yeah right, this day is almost over, and then there’s only tomorrow left…) right now I’m so sleepy I’m almost falling asleep as I write. And I’ve had coffee, tea and hot chocolate through out the day to keep me awake. Still I’m fighting the urge to tip over and just rest here, on the couch for a while, with my eyes closed.

The part of me that is fighting this drowsiness is the writer-part. The writer part wants me to have another espresso and keep on going. Keep on writing. Or have a cold shower, some chocolate, anything with some energy giving substance to prevent me from falling asleep. So, without further ado I’d like to share with you this:

37000 words

well, they’re 37 827 actually so a short writing session more and then I’m up in 38 000 words. (I’m talking about NaNoWriMo of course.) I’m currently writing I Called Him Gabriel, and must admit that it’s worse than last year, but better than the year before last year. With a lot of editing and re-writing this will be quite good. I just have to finish it off first.

I was also surfing the net, as usual and came across Holly Lisle’s site again, and one of her posts about plotting. Plotting with index cards.

I’ve heard this before and I’ve even tried it, but she explained it so nicely:

First you decide how many words your novel is going to be.

Then you decide how many words per chapter (approximate) and calculate how many chapters.

Then you find you main character or characters and what viewpoint you’re going to write in.

Then you decide how many chapters each character gets, then you start plotting.

It sounds so simple I’m about to give it a try. ^.^

Here is the article on Holly Lisle’s site: Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressure

Furniture: Corner Chair

I like interior design and dream of a well designed beautiful home. (Reality is so much harsher though…) I imagine myself striding around my fabulous home with white furniture and big french windows. In reality I’m sitting in a nondescript brown leather sofa with steamed windows. Gotta love English houses.

I was surfing the web searching for a corner chair when I found one on gumtree for £30. It’s quite old, has a rickety leg and is in desperate need of upholstering and a little TLC. But is it worth it?

I can just imagine it sitting in a corner of my apartment with white fabric over the seat and new ans shiny looking. I’m just not sure if I want to spend £30 on it. Does anyone here know about antique furniture? Which era would this be? (Or is it just an old, battered replica?) Should I take it?

I dream of something like this:











I might as well add that, while googling for corner chair I came across this:

How fabulous isn’t this looking? I want one, and I want one now!







And I wouldn’t say no to bookshelves like this:

Hello, Alice In Wonderland, I’m late, I’m late, but what can I do, for my bookshelves are wonky and slightly askew! I loooooove them! and absolutely WAAAAANT them!





And while we’re on the subject of bookshelves. Apart from the Alice-In-Wonderland-wonky ones I want the floating ones:













And the wonky ones: