I’ve actually done a lot

A lot of thinking, knitting, crocheting, painting, writing (I wrote another book) and a lot of working. I’ve also taken some pictures of said creations… it is just that uploading them that is a drag… 😦

The past month I’ve been ill, feeling more dead than alive (not being able to eat for over 4 days, and then eating antibiotics) and then the flu, currently I have sinus head ache between my eyebrows (feels so strange, I’ve never had that before, like someone whacked me with a baseball bat)

I also got a full time job in the school I’ve been working in for the past 2 years, and can actually see myself there for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also started thinking of creating a business with my creations, but I am stuck at the naming stage and I have a feeling it will not really advance more from that. But besides from that I am alright, feeling positive, creative, eager and all that. 🙂

Just now I’ve baked cupcakes with my son. Without eggs… got everything ready, then when I was about to mix the sugar and egg I only discovered a kinder-egg in the egg box… so we used chickpea flour mixed with water instead. Batter tasted awful. Hoping the cupcakes themselves will taste a bit better. *off to taste*


Dead but not really

This is going to be  half-arsed update because it’s too late and I’m way too tired to come up with something longer.

I got a new job, so I’m spending almost all my time in front of a computer screen, so when I’m not working, I usually stay as far away as possible from computers.

I think I wrote about that story that wrote itself, I’m seriously rewriting it (yeah, I’m rewriting it!) and hopefully soon you’ll be able to buy it in a bookstore near you (in about 10 years or so) I’ll let you know when 😉

With that I just want to say, hi, hello and goodbye, goodnight.

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

If you’re remotely interested. I know lately I’ve fallen behind, but as I wrote, I’m writing on other things, and I’ve got a ban on internet before noon so I get a lot of stuff done in the morning (I just wish  my evenings would be as productive, but one cannot have everything I guess)

Here’s to you, dear reader, who have read my blog. Thank you for 2012!

Stephen King On Writing

I finally ordered the book (from Amazon) and it arrived a couple of days ago. I haven’t had time to start reading it (trying to get throuhg 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, me too. Although I’m struggling and desperately want to shake the main character Ana so that her teeth fall out. Hello? anybody home? I’m stuck at page 100-something, after the first sex-scene. I got through it (okay I admit, I skipped some parts – if I wanted to read about sex I would have bought playboy) and was so disgusted by the end of it that I put the book down… I could go on, but I’ll dedicate a whole post to that book later on)

Back to On Writing; I have somewhat big expectations, like some revelation is going to occur after I’ve read it. (I’m talking about On Writing here, not 50 Shades… keep your pants on) I’ve heard so many good comments about that book that I’m sort of daunted to even open it. I’m a huge fan of Stephen King (although his writing scare the shit out of me. My favourite is The Running Man and The Langoliers (however that is spelled) and I hate Misery <.< ) Now I’m sort of afraid I’m going to be disappointed when I read it, so I try to postpone it…

Maybe I should just take the bull by the horns and read it and stop procrastinating. Would be good if I had read it before November starts.

(50 Shades is still bothering me… I’m one of those who, once something is started, it has to be finished no matter how pointless it is. Although I never finished the 3rd Twilight book, I read the first and second, so I’m thinking I should at least read the first book in the 50 Shades-trilogy. But I’m having a hard time…)

Free Kindle Books and Tips

While I’m doing other stuff and worry about other things and work… well… like a lazy person, I thought I’d just let you know that I have not abandoned this blog. And I haven’t died. My life just moves more in the real world right now rather than in the virtual. A lot of things going on at the moment and the Olympics is closing in, and the moving date in the same week.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back… eventually… in two months or three or… so…

Not very reassuring, but I promise, I’ll be back (said with Arnold Schwarzenegger (yeah, I spelled that right) accent) Meanwhile, here’s a link to keep you going. Who doesn’t like free stuff eh?

Free Kindle Books and Tips.


And here’s a picture from Paris (yes, I’ve had time to go there too, last week.

La Tour Eiffel

Odd days

I got this idea that I should only post on my blog on even days. That way my posts will be more distributed throughout the month, and not clumped together with a long stretch of non-blogging days.
Then I realized that I’d probably not stick to that rule since I write when I want to, and blog whenever I feel like I have something to share. I’ve been trying to make the updates more even, but so far it hasn’t really worked. I still update sporadically. It is also due to the fact that when I work I often don’t have time to blog, or feel like blogging. And I can’t write about work too much because most of what I would write would be personal confidential stuff, and then I’d probably get sacked. So, not much work-talk when I feel like sharing my day. I’m focusing on write-talk, which is hard to do when you’ve been locked inside a dungeon, behind two locked doors for 9 hours (okay, it really isn’t 9 hours, I go outside to have lunch and breaks and so on, but it FEELS like 9 hours!)

I just noticed that it looks weird when I’m writing and discovered I’m writing in HTML mode. Changing to visual and all the line breaks are effed up. >.<

The point of this post is… there’s really no point. Feel free to skip it. It’s just my brains musings when it knows it should be writing on Off-Piste but doing procrastination of third degree. Procrastination – funny word. Procrastination could not be found in my computer’s thesaurus. Maybe there is no other word for it?

I watched The Mist the other day. You know the movie from Stephen King’s book. It felt typically mr King. I’ve read very few of his books, mostly because I’m too chicken-scared to read them. The Langoliers was scary enough, and The Running Man was grotesque enough and the film-adaption of Misery was freaky enough for me to decide to steer clear of mr King. Although I know he is a good writer. The few books I’ve read have been fantastic. It’s just that I’m pretty sure that my imagination will run amok with me if I ever read his books, and then I’ll never sleep again. :S
I didn’t like the end of The Mist movie, it left a bad bad aftertaste, and I’m not sure if I would recommend it to someone. One of my acquaintances told me the book ending is different than the movie ending, so I’ve put the book on my to-read list. I’ve also put The Running Man on my to-read list to read again (because I have a memory of liking it, even though the ending was a bit… eugh…)