Yep, I’m there too! 🙂


This is one of those strange years

Week of the year

A year that has 53 weeks in it. So I guess I’ll have to update my goal, or I’ll just go along with 52 until I reach 52 and then be done with it. As I have been a bit lazy with the uploading of the pictures I just uploaded a whole bunch. I have a bunch more to upload (check my deviantArt page: http://tereseh.deviantart.com/ if you want to see the other bunch.)

Aside from painting I have taken up the romance novel Eros and have started the re-writing of it. Currently I am feeling very positive and think that this is going to be the next world wide best seller (overconfident much?) Yep.

Dead but not really

This is going to be  half-arsed update because it’s too late and I’m way too tired to come up with something longer.

I got a new job, so I’m spending almost all my time in front of a computer screen, so when I’m not working, I usually stay as far away as possible from computers.

I think I wrote about that story that wrote itself, I’m seriously rewriting it (yeah, I’m rewriting it!) and hopefully soon you’ll be able to buy it in a bookstore near you (in about 10 years or so) I’ll let you know when 😉

With that I just want to say, hi, hello and goodbye, goodnight.


I’m not sure if I should write this or if my writing streak will end just because I’m telling others about it.

The other day I started thinking about Cupid (you know the god of love) and I did some research and found out that he fell in love with Psyche (I remembered he fell in love with someone, but not whom). I forgot all about it until 5 am one morning when I woke up to feed my baby. A thought hit me and I couldn’t stop thinking. I wanted to write it down, but I was too tired to get out of bed and find a paper and pen (or start up my computer) so I just laid in bed, eyes closed and thought. I thought as I would read a book. I thought in sentences, forming paragraphs and chapters in my head, afraid I’d forget it if I didn’t think. So I lay in bed, just thinking thinking thinking, and when baby woke up again at around 7 I got up and started writing. And I have been writing ever since, producing 5000+ words every day.

I’m currently on the 4th day and have some 18’000 words to show for it, and they’re still coming. The words are still flowing (now, just because I write this the flow will stop, I’ll complain to you if it does 😉 ) and I’m so surprised that they are. Because usually I have flow for the first couple of thousand words, then it slows down until it’s merely a dribble, but not now.

So I’m writing a love story in Swedish! (yeah, I know, and it’s actually intelligible Swedish, not something that’s chopped up and half filled with English words! (Okay, some English words find their way in, but it’s usually if I’m thinking of an English phrase to which there is no direct Swedish counterpart.

I don’t have time to write more here, I’m gonna turn off internet and continue on the story

*dances away singing to herself*  I’m in love with my characters

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and had a superdupermegaidea?

How to write a novel: the 30-day method

After failing pretty badly (okay, I shouldn’t say fail, because I did write over 20’000 words) in NaNoWriMo, I’ve re-thunk my ambitions and my goal with writing. And I realised I don’t really NEED to be published. It would be a nice side effect, but what I mostly want is my books in my bookshelves, and with todays POD and everything I could basically just slap together a jumble of words and pay for postage etc. and then I WOULD have my book in my bookshelf.

Then we come to the actual writing part, because my brain is flooded with ideas and plots and characters that are just waiting there, with the grey dust between my ears, playing chess, waiting to come out. I always write about writing, but lately I’ve done more thinking about writing than actual writing. That makes me a bit sad. I’ve been “home” for Christmas and New Years (visiting my parents) and I haven’t had access to a computer all the time (nor have I actually had the time to sit in front of the computer either) but I’ve somewhat had the urge to write. Now when I have a computer I’m sitting here, staring at the screen and thinking ‘what now?’

So my New Years resolution is going to be to finish at least one novel this year. And I found this to help me and you, if you’re in the same swamp as me:

How to write a novel | How the 30-day method works | Books | The Guardian.

Write on! 🙂