So many ideas, so little time

I’m currently crocheting (baby blanket for my new nephew – love how that rhymes) and drawing cards for a fundraiser event, and painting canvases for the same fundraiser event and two hours ago I pelted out two pages of words for Eros, and introduced a completely new character who I have no clue who is – except that she claims to be Eros’ wife…

And I want to write more on Eros and find out what part she is playing in the whole story.

I also want a full time job. And at the same time I don’t.

I want to be able to do what I do for a living. But that requires more work, less *procrastinating!* *ahem…*

I’ve been thinking of starting a business, an art business, and go to events and parties and such and paint with kids – that would be fun, wouldn’t it? But I don’t know if it is sustainable. (and the biggest problem seems to be coming up with a name >.<)
I’m also thinking of renaming this blog to “a mad artist’s blog” because it’s not only about writing… or craftists or a mad idea’s blog… I actually like the sound of that 🙂

I would also want to live outside the city, somewhere remote, with a plot of land, vegetables, chicken and our own house… then again, I also want to be an alien, so these *wants* are more fancies than wants. (I want to be like Dr Who, how amazing wouldn’t that be? 😀 )

I’ve started with water colours (aquarell colours – what you wanna call ’em).

Little slow at the moment, but hopefully something will come of it. I also want to draw anime (watched Appleseed anime movie from 2004 – I quite like anime movies especially if they’re science fiction.)

I’m also on Pinterest in case you didn’t know. (secretly pinterest-addict)