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I want to live in this apartment.

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Furniture: Corner Chair

I like interior design and dream of a well designed beautiful home. (Reality is so much harsher though…) I imagine myself striding around my fabulous home with white furniture and big french windows. In reality I’m sitting in a nondescript brown leather sofa with steamed windows. Gotta love English houses.

I was surfing the web searching for a corner chair when I found one on gumtree for £30. It’s quite old, has a rickety leg and is in desperate need of upholstering and a little TLC. But is it worth it?

I can just imagine it sitting in a corner of my apartment with white fabric over the seat and new ans shiny looking. I’m just not sure if I want to spend £30 on it. Does anyone here know about antique furniture? Which era would this be? (Or is it just an old, battered replica?) Should I take it?

I dream of something like this:











I might as well add that, while googling for corner chair I came across this:

How fabulous isn’t this looking? I want one, and I want one now!







And I wouldn’t say no to bookshelves like this:

Hello, Alice In Wonderland, I’m late, I’m late, but what can I do, for my bookshelves are wonky and slightly askew! I loooooove them! and absolutely WAAAAANT them!





And while we’re on the subject of bookshelves. Apart from the Alice-In-Wonderland-wonky ones I want the floating ones:













And the wonky ones: