In need of a character? or a serene storyline?

Just choose their origin, their sex and where they live, the rest is served on a gold platter: Generate a Random Name – Random, Hispanic, United States – Fake Name Generator. And under advanced options you can set the age-range if you don’t want a main character who is 63 years old…

I’m having too much fun with this. I generate name after name and read their specifics and dream up stories about how they are and why they chose whatever profession they chose and how they feel about their height and weight, if it bothers them to be skinny or if they’re confident as a big person. I really should start writing instead of just dreaming and thinking…

Picture belongs to thatgamecompany, I'm just spreadin' the love.

And it didn’t do me better to find thatgamecompany and their wonderfully artistic, serene, meditative (I could go on forever) games. I especially would like to try Journeyย  and Flower, heck, I’d like to try all of their games… now, where can I find a cheap tv and a PS3??



So smooooth!

I am getting trained for administration work since one of the admin guys are leaving on Saturday (big panic) and I have to learn how to do everything before then (and he’s only working on said Saturday, yep, big panic). I’ve been stressing through my work, just so that I can at least spend a couple of hours with him and get aย  hang of what he’s doing (I hate paperwork – unless it’s a book, and all those damned reports that are basically copies of each other, but with ten different ways to be dealt with… sigh)

So today has been a caffeine-hyper day (without the caffeine, sadly) and I had to leave my work in the middle so that I’d have time to see him before he left for the day. Anyways, We werein the admin office, me sitting in the only comfortable chair there (they are so gentlemen… *cough*Icommandeeredthechairbeforeanyofthemcouldtakeit*cough*) and the leaving guy was hanging on the table beside me pointing at the computer screen what I should do which buttons I should press (turns out I don’t have admin privileges (yet) so I had to sign out and he had to sign in – took us like five ten minutes before we realized that).
Another admin guy comes in and joins us (he’s gonna take care of half my workload in admin I hope) he’s getting trained too. They started talking over the back of my chair, since I was leaning forward, eyes glued to the screen concentrating to the max on what I was doing so that I’ll remember what to do a couple of weeks from now.

I was only listening to them with half an ear, and interrupted at a low point in the conversation to get instructions. When I was getting my instructions, and the leaving guy was focusing on me, the other guy said with a distant and dreamy voice:

“Your hair looks so smooth!”

Then he realized he had spoken out loud and became completely embarrassed. I thanked him for the compliment while my leaving colleague continued to laugh his ass off. I have so nice colleagues sometimes.

Homemade Nutella | Family Kitchen

OK guys, here it is: a formula to make your very own Nutella, from scratch. There are a great many Nutella fans out there, myself included, but the first two ingredients on the label โ€“ sugar and modified palm oil โ€“ inspired me to make my own.

via Homemade Nutella | Family Kitchen.

Anyone tried this? I’m thinking of trying it out. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll let you know how it goes if I don’t get food poisoning ๐Ÿ˜‰


I linked to Write or Die in my last post, and thought it only suitable to link to Dr Wicked’s next site for writers: EditMinion.

For use when you’ve written your first manuscript (using Write or Die or not) and are about to start the editing process. Unfortunately EditMinion does not make a crappy story good, but it makes crappy writing better. You know all those adverbs and weak words that you should avoid, and the passive voice? This little minion catches all those and highlight it green or red (red being bad green being good).
I tested it on one of my writings and got ONE green word, the rest were yellow or purple (mostly passive voice). Editing out all the was-es and were-s is quite interesting, and sometimes it’s hard to write a sentence without was (if you’re as hardwired into the was-were universe as me) But it’s doable. Iย  managed to eliminate all was-es and were-s and now the writing looks sooooo much better. I really recommend it!

Kamikaze writing

Or God Wind Writing as it would be translated.

Kamikaze pilots were Japanese suicide pilots during the second world war. They flew purpose built aircrafts, that could not land, but were designed to crash (hopefully in some important enemy base or warship).

Why am I writing about Kamikaze writing? Because of Write or Die!

Write or Die!

Sounds terrible, but it’s actually a really nice internet application that really gets you writing. It may not be good writing, but any writing is better than no writing, right?

Write or Die is a web application that encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing. Start typing in the box. As long as you keep typing, youโ€™re fine, but once you stop typing, you have a grace period of a certain number of seconds and then there are consequences.

And, if you already know about Write or Die, you know why I’m talking about Kamikaze writing. It actually feels like you’re rushing at the ground in a plane that cannot land. Wind whipping past your ears, forcing tears from your eyes, hair blown straight back from your head. Heart pumping adrenaline instead of blood, and vision blurry. At least it feels like that for me when I go for the Kamikaze mode – It’s not for the faint of heart. I prefer the normal mode, thank you very much. After using Write or Die during big parts of NaNoWriMo 2011, I now feel that it’s kind of redundant.

If I know what I want to write, I make sure I write it. In 500 word bursts. I don’t allow myself to take a break before those 500 words are written down. (It usually takes 10-15 minutes, so it’s not a long period of time I need to be concentrated. But while writing 1667 words a day, and lagging behind, Write or Die is invaluable. Just saying ๐Ÿ˜‰

Write or Die can be fount at… yep, exactly, Write or Die by Dr Wicked | Putting the ‘Prod’ in Productivity. If you want to support a mad scientist, you can purchase the desktop or iPad versions, but if you’re like me, broke, the online will do just fine just fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, Write or Diiiiiiiiiieeeee!!!!

(somehow I connect Write or Die to Johnny Depp and this video/song:

ummm…. yeah….)

Remember to backup!

A couple of days ago, quite late at night (around midnight) I suddenly got it into my brain to backup all my writing files. I still have a file to go through and backup, but my main stories are now safely stored as google documents.

A couple of months ago my computer (I have a MacBook Pro) decided not to wake up. It buzzed for a couple of seconds then clicked and was dead. Every time I pressed the start button the same thing happened. Buzz-click-dead. Of course I panicked! I was practically hyperventilating and crying. But I took it to the Mac doctor and he changed the processor (I think it was the processor, the brain of the machine that was overused and had walked into the wall – so to speak (Note to self: stop using so many programs at a time and close all browser tabs)) and happily I got my computer back without spending a dime or penny (it was obviously still under the warranty – which I had no idea I had). I went on as usual, but as I wrote, a couple of days ago I got this feeling that I NEED to back up my stories. If I lost what I have written this far I’d die. I’d cry and then die. But now I can sleep easy.

And the day after I backed up my files, guess what happened? No.

My sister‘s computer crashed!

So, before you read the next blog post or open the next tab in your browser, take at least one story or file you’d die without and back it up. Either send it to yourself as an email attachment or use Google Documents (I use this and reccommend it. If you save your writing as Google documents instead of .doc or .pdf or .jpg it doesn’t take up any space, so technically you can save a whole library of writing there) or Dropbox (haven’t tried that one yet).

Industrial Printers and Identity Theft

Industrial Printers and Identity Theft.

I read the CBS story when it first came out, and immediately got an idea-flash for a story. After thinking a while I discarded the idea as very far fetched, but recently I came across an article about https encryptions and I remembered the idea. Now I’ve been thinking for a while and more and more this seems to be something worth considering. I still think it’s pretty far fetched, but mixed with the right genre (thriller/crime I guess) it could become something.

If anyone’s writing a story featuring a printer memory or copy-machine memory, please tell me, I’d be interested in reading it ๐Ÿ˜‰