NaNo day 12

It’s so hard to write in Swedish when I have for the last 2-3 years written and read in English. It’s like I have forgotten how to write good. The words don’t come and it looks like a 14 year old teenager has written it. Where did all the funky words go? Where did all the larger than life characters go (for surely, they disappeared at the same time as the words!)

I’m at… (have to go and check) 14’147 words right now, should be… (have to go and check again) should reach 20’000 today. Seems like an insurmountable task to do. How about your writing? Lagging behind as far as I am? Don’t fret, I have a nice surprise!

You don’t need to write 6000 words in a day, you only have to write 1887 words per day, and still finish on time! (if you’re as far behind as me) That’s more like it, isn’t it? And you don’t have to waste time to calculate that, there’s stuff that can do it for you. And you can even link it to your NaNo-name and it will update automatically when you update on the NaNo site!

How fantastic isn’t that?! 1887 is just above 200 more words per day, and if you write say, 2000 words one day, you’ll have to write less than 1887 the next (1887 is the amount of words I have to write / day to finish on time).

Where’s this fantastic stuff hiding?

Here: WriteTrack

You can set your own word goal, include any planned non-writing days (like thanksgiving in the US) you just put the weight 100(%) to 0, and the numbers will adjust (you’ll simply have to write more on the other days)

To quote my favourite character: Fantastic!