I’m not very organised when it comes to writing

I’ll have to admit that. Even with work (I should rather write “work”) not being much of a problem I’ve sort of fallen off the writing wagon. I just don’t write, even though i sort of want to. I blame I’m too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow, the next day, next week and so on… with the result of 0, zero, nil, zip, zilch, nada words written at all. It kind of bugs me.

Because I WANT to write. I really WANT to, but obviously not wanting it enough. How would I otherwise just not do it?

I was going to write and finish Getting Even in June, I have barely finished the first chapter (which will probably be scrapped later on any ways) I have started a short novella for a competition (in Swedish) and I have had a lot of thoughts about it, about the plot, the main character, the other characters and what should happen to them. (The theme is Summer and Something Scary) I’m aiming for a sci-fi novella. To be honest I have never written anything sci-fi from the beginning to the end. It always ends before it starts in the middle whatever I write in the sci-fi genre. So this time I’m trying to really really finish it (with a beginning, middle and end).

Something is telling me though that I’m not trying hard enough.

Do or do not. There is no try…



Here be… Smaug?

So, I got the Black dragon from Games Workshop and have been debating with myself if I really want it black, or maybe white? Or blue? Green would be cool too, and red, and fiery orange blazing… which resulted in a half painted figure without wings.

I thought I had a picture of the half-painting on my computer, but obviously not, so here’s an unpainted pic. I’m having trouble with the wings. If I glue them on it’s gonna be hell to move the dragon as that would require a cube of padding. As it is now it can go in the flat box it came in…

The writing is going… very slow, but quite steady. I’ve started planning more and currently I’m working on Getting Even because it’s CampNaNo! 🙂 As I said, it’s going slow, but I’ve got a map and a compass, so I know where I’m going (for once)

I like surprises and gifts and to share stuff with friends, so here’s another thing I want to share with you:

Brandon Sanderson 2012 Creative Writing Class | Write About Dragons.