Choose Your Own Adventure on Twitter

Hey, check it out, check it out! 😀

*has to find out every possible iteration of the game click click click*

Someone built a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game out of Twitter accounts, and it’s surprisingly cool – Quartz.


2/52 Jetty to the Moon

Since we are already in week 2 of this year I decided to post the second painting too. This is also one of my favourites, even though there are some things I would change in it. I could go on tinkering forever, never really finish-finishing any paintings if I didn’t just give up and stop painting at one point and then tell myself to put the paintbrush down.

Hello 2015

I just realised it had been over a year since I last posted on this blog (before I posted about NaNoWriMo in November.)

Can I say whoops? And in my head I kept thinking, nah, it’s not that long ago since I posted in my blog. Well, it now is that long ago.

Following November I can proudly say that I won!


Woohoo. Go here to look at my stats.

Only 14 days of writing (not consecutive), 50114 words in total.

That’s almost 3600 words per day.

I haven’t written that fast, ever. Okay, maybe I have, when I wrote Eros I wrote approximately 5000 words per day but only for 5 days…

For 2015 I was thinking of focusing on art a bit more than writing, or I may do art the first half of the year and writing the second part (NaNo of course). At first I was thinking of a new years resolution like “One painting a day”, then I realised that with a job and a 2.5 year old hurricane in the house that would simply not be doable. 1 painting per month didn’t sound like a challenge, so I settled for 1 painting per week. I have already done 13 paintings, and more are on the way… So this might as well be a 30 day 30 paintings work, and then the rest of the year I am just gonna dabble a few paintings per month, but by the end of this year My goal is to have 52 paintings (or 53, is this one of those weird years? when is leap year? 2016?)

Well, there are 13 bigger paintings and a handful of smaller ones. Yesterday I was at a small fair to sell them – I only sold one, one of the small ones, to my cousin-in-law *headdesk*. BUT I got a few queries, and two orders for other paintings (one big and four small) so all in all, while I didn’t really sell any of my paintings, I still managed to “sell” so I’m happy. Look forward to more posts soon. 🙂