Merry Christmas

Hope you’ve had a wonderful time, with family, or if you prefer to celebrate alone or with loved ones. I had a nice Christmas Eve with a couple of friends from work. And I ate fish and chips for dinner… I don’t know if it’s a step forward or a step backwards from last year, when I ate at Pizza Hut (also with some colleagues of mine).

Since it’s only a couple of days until next year begins, I’ve started fulfilling my New Years Resolution for 2011 (better late than never, right?)

So I’ve started with a major re-write. And was kind of hoping that Martha Alderson’s plot-series would help me on the way. Martha Alderson is the Plot Whispewew (sorry couldn’t resist) If you don’t know who she is or what she does, go check her out! I really mean it! This year is the 4th year of PlotWriMo, and I was hoping to take advantage of her tips and trix.


Working For the Other Guy

So, I think it started as a dream. I was working in a security team in my old school, but it was a new building, completely rebuild, yet it had the old layout before the refurbishment intact, still the corridors led to new rooms and stairs were there were no stairs before. Like in a dream, actually. Everything is the same, yet different, yet still the same.

Anyways. We were showing a movie in the gymnastics hall (that’s where we had our cinema, with a pull down screen) and people and kids were fluttering everywhere. We were dressed in black and looking cool and as badass as can be. When the movie was over it was my task to make sure all people left the building. I was almost the last to leave, I saw the back of my security team as they walked down the stairs towards the exit and then it happened. I saw one of my colleagues sneaking inside. Doing something dodgy.

This was a dream where I was cool, everybody liked me, even the hot guy (the one sneaking and doing dodgy stuff) I liked him. I had feelings for him. And he betrayed our security company. I wanted to bust him, confront him, ask him if he really was bad or if he was doing something undercover (remember, we were a cool security team). Unfortunately I woke up before I could find out what he was doing, so I don’t know if he’s a good guy or bad guy or something in between.

And then an idea hit me, bang on!

Stephenie Meyer started her Twilight series from a dream! (The meadow scene in the first book, correct me if I’m wrong)

There is no reason why I can’t do the same. So I’m doing it. 🙂 And the above dream is basically the backbone of the story. It’s grown limbs in every direction since, and a red thread is keeping it all stitched together. Currently the red thread is just paper thin, but as I do a little research (honestly, how many people know anything about the security business? Unless they work there, of course… my knowledge is nada, zilch, zero, a big round nothing) it’s bound to grow thicker. And the current title is… yep… Working For the Other Guy, because the main person doesn’t know if her partner does or not. She is about to find out.

Another story in my pile of stories to write. Now I only need to find time to write them all… 🙂

Killing Your Darlings

That’s what I have problems with. I can cut out the crap, the smalltalk that doesn’t bring anything to the story, but I’m afraid of re-writing scenes that should be re-written, scenes that are so fabulous that I dare not touch them, but untouched they don’t fit into the manuscript. Simply, the Editor-writer hat doesn’t fit my head. Help!

via Killing Your Darlings.