I’ve actually done a lot

A lot of thinking, knitting, crocheting, painting, writing (I wrote another book) and a lot of working. I’ve also taken some pictures of said creations… it is just that uploading them that is a drag… 😦

The past month I’ve been ill, feeling more dead than alive (not being able to eat for over 4 days, and then eating antibiotics) and then the flu, currently I have sinus head ache between my eyebrows (feels so strange, I’ve never had that before, like someone whacked me with a baseball bat)

I also got a full time job in the school I’ve been working in for the past 2 years, and can actually see myself there for the foreseeable future.

I’ve also started thinking of creating a business with my creations, but I am stuck at the naming stage and I have a feeling it will not really advance more from that. But besides from that I am alright, feeling positive, creative, eager and all that. 🙂

Just now I’ve baked cupcakes with my son. Without eggs… got everything ready, then when I was about to mix the sugar and egg I only discovered a kinder-egg in the egg box… so we used chickpea flour mixed with water instead. Batter tasted awful. Hoping the cupcakes themselves will taste a bit better. *off to taste*


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