Why does everything have to be plastic?

As the title says; why does everything have to be plastic?


This thought came to me after my 2.5 year old hurricane once again broke his parking house with slide and elevator. Plastic parking house with plastic slide and plastic elevator. And then he gets upset that it is not working. We repaired it with tape. Now when I am looking at all his toys I am struck with the notion that most of them are plastic. Plastic car, plastic hammer, plastic computer. I’m sure it is cheaper, but is it really cheaper in the long run?

On another note, metal cars really hurt if you get one thrown at you, same with metal planes. Plastic only hurt depending on how big they are… 🙂

I’m in a bit of a slump at the moment; too much stuff I want to do, too little time to decide what to do first. I am also thinking of renaming my blog to ‘a mad creative’s blog’.

I want to paint too, draw, sew, design, craft, build, organise and write. And so much more!

And I don’t want to pick just one… I am still on top of the 1 painting per week resolution, I’m just behind in uploading them. Maybe that should be a part of the resolution too?


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