I cleaned up my painting area


Here is where the magic happen (mostly). As I paint the paint tubes and brushes tend to grow legs and feet and perform a sort of slowdance away from their ordered places. It looked like a hurricane had been through my stuff before (I am pretty sure he is too short to reach, but you never know, kid’s got arms and legs like an octopus), brushes and tubes scattered all over the place. Now I got all my empty and WIP canvases in one place, next to where I paint so I don’t have to go flying through half the house to find the right size canvas…

On my to-do list is still a place to store all paintings. They are currently quite small so they fit standing in an expensive store paperbag (you know those with fancy silver print and nice rope or fabric handles, like Monsoon or French Eye (only expensive stores I’ve shopped at)) but they are gradually getting bigger and increasing in quantity. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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