I have something to confess. Well, actually a couple of somethings.

1. I still haven’t finished the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyers. I read the first book, barely managed to get through the second and stranded somewhere between the middle and the end on the third. Haven’t even looked at the fourth.

2. I said I was going to read 50 Shades of Grey. Failed that one too. Think I fell off the wagon somewhere around mr Grey sending Ana a first edition of Wuthering Heights, or was it Sense and Sensibility? (I’m thinking the picture of Dorian Grey would have been very fitting here) worth loads of money, and an email exchange between mr Grey and Ana which ended with them both in her bed.

This got me thinking. Why couldn’t I finish these books, although the rest of the world seems to worship them (okay, not the whole world, I know I have fellow human beings out there who haven’t even touched these books).

In both, the main character is a boring girl/woman. Very plain, clumsy, single…

And then there is this hot, smexy, wonderful malecounterpart, very opposite the girl. Outspoken, powerful, dangerous, agile etc.

In both series they think it’s a bad idea to get together, still they get together.

Okay, here I have to stop, because I actually don’t know what happens in 50 Shades, and I still have to read the final Twilight book. I’m probably not the first one to draw these parallels, but I just realised this, so to me it’s news.

And then comes The Question: WHY? Why are these books so popular? Are girls/women so insecure that they like to read about other insecure girls/women who happen to come across hot guys who happen to be really really into them? Is it a dream most women have? Or is it something else?


2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. I haven’t read of this stuff either. Is the market that strange? I mean I stopped looking at the New Times bestseller list years ago, when I saw Anderson Cooper on the list…Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

    The whole premise of the billionaire as superman of some sorts is intriguing…I wonder if it would have been as popular if he was simple worth a couple of million…you know, pooor!

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