Writing stop

I’ve been so swamped in work that I have been there approximately 10 hours per day. Partly because I’m training a colleague in cash office. To my disappointment she is not as quick as getting it as I was, and that makes me irritated. I have uncovered more of myself during these last four days I’ve been training her than I have ever done in my whole life. For one, I think I’m really smart, and expect other people to be as smart as I am. Then I get really irritated at them when it turns out that they are not, or at least, they are not smart the same way as me. And when I’m irritated I talk very fast, explaining what they need to do or should have done. But what really bothers me is having to repeat, four days in a row, the same instructions.

I’m one of those who write everything down when I’m learning. And instead of asking, “what do I do now?” or guess what to do, I look in my notes. Which are usually numbered, in the order you’re supposed to do the stuff. And then I do. It took me one month of working only Saturdays and Sundays before I was so confident in what I was doing that I left my notes at home. And now I feel like an expert in my office.

So I’m really irritated when my colleague only sporadically writes down when I explain to her what she is supposed to do. I know, people learn in different ways. And I’m irritated because she doesn’t learn in MY way. (My way or the highway)

She is otherwise a really good colleague, don’t get me wrong, we get along really well, and I have no animosity against her. I like her good enough. It’s just… the perfectionist in me is chewing it’s nails, wanting to choke her and tell her to do it MY WAY! Luckily I’m blessed with a whole bucketload of patience (you get that from working with kids from a young age – I guess otherwise I would be quite a… bitch? at work…) so I just take a couple of breaths and repeat my instructions.

I also found out yesterday that my former colleague (who had wanted to get out of the office for a long time – and she finally got her wish fulfilled, that’s why I’m training my other colleague) had taken three months (working in the week) before she was confident enough to be in the office alone.

So, yeah, it’s been quite an eye opening experience to train my colleague. And that has occupied my mind for most part of April (as well as one other thing, but I’ll tell you about it later) so I haven’t had any time to write, or even plan. I’ve been so exhausted every evening when I’ve come home that I’ve almost gone to bed immediately. Hopefully, the next weeks are going to be a bit less occupied. I’m still only employed 32 hours per week (yep, overtime -big time- the two last weeks) and I’m hoping they wont increase them.

Scriptfrenzy isn’t going that well for me. Mostly because I can’t concentrate on One Single Story to write. I want to write them all, in one go, and that makes all the stories very spread out and not like I want them. Concentration problems you can call it. I struggle to pick one story and stick with it. At the first moment the story seems to point downwards I get bored and jump to another one. It’s getting so irritating, because that means that I’ll never finish anything. Everything is left hanging in the air. Anyone have any advice how to stop jumping from story to story? Just write exciting parts? Delete all other stories? Anything?


4 thoughts on “Writing stop

  1. Advice on how to stop jumping from story to story……….
    How about a parody of your work situation. Your co-workers would become characters, the setting would obviously be a similar job place, and you could be the main character. The story would mostly be for you, but with so much invested in it, you would almost certainly want to finish it. I would hope so anyway. You’d obviously have to change names and physical traits a bit. It might also be a good way to relieve some stress. Just don’t call it the Office!

    Good luck at work. Don’t let it get you down, you’re still getting paid! šŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I would call it “Uncle Scrooge” with a picture of a preppy young woman on the front page šŸ™‚ Thanks for the idea and the pep-talk! šŸ˜€

  2. One possible solution to your colleague issue: Write down the instructions for her and hand them to her and perhaps even refer to it as you instruct her. I have found that the solution to problems one has at work sometimes lies within yourself (i.e., change what you’re doing.)
    Re: the jumping from project to project — Choose two and put the others away until you finish. Your mind needs to be free and aired out to give a story all the creativity it needs.
    I have the same issues you do. I work 11 hrs a day (sometimes more). I’m exhausted. Even if I try to stay up, my body has its own plans for sleep that I don’t realize I was excluded from the decision until I wake up the next morning. šŸ™‚

    1. As the perfectionist that I am, I already did that as soon as they told me I had to teach someone. A list, numbered from 1 to 30, with sections for all the different steps that needs to be completed before moving on… She took it home and read it (at least that’s what she said) and I often point out that I wrote it in those papers (I even wrote a “HELP!” section explaining how I solve different problems) but I guess she is more the type to learn by being instructed and ask for guidance rather than check the notes.
      I know, some of the problem is with me, as I wrote in my post. I want it done MY way *rolls eyes at self* Yesterday I was the one who stressed her up, by talking to her, wanting her to do it MY way. When I realised that, I left the office for a couple of minutes, got some paperwork from admin and when I came back I just sat stapling reports together, and only talked to her when she asked something… after that it went much better. šŸ™‚
      Work is sometimes exhausting, but at least it pays the rent šŸ˜‰

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