Effing Easter bunnies, stop eating my words!

This is the third fifth time I try to get anything up on my blog. (so excuse the multiple post spamming) But I JUST CANT SEEM TO SEE MY OWN POSTS! The last one (below) disappeared in a whiff of smoke. No, not even that. It disappeared with a whiff of nothing. Gone. Poof!

Luckily I’m a quick keyboard user and got the brains to click cmd+A and cmd+C (yep, mac user) before it all got wiped away.

So, if you can read the post, good for you. If you can’t, below is the copy-paste of the post named Happy Easter and How to write a novel in 100 days or less. The first version got eaten by the cyber bunnies before the unknowing author realized.

Oh, joy! Oh, rapture!
So, I posted this, and then there’s nothing there! Not a single word of what I had written! I sat here, staring at the screen, wondering which Easter bunny ate all my words… and where did the effing link go? Now I have to go and find it again. So this will be a shorter frustrated post, because of the Easter bunny eating all my words.
1. Happy Easter!
2. I have rye bread, the Finnish version. And I’m so happy. But I only got 10 bread left (20 slices) because someone ate four slices for breakfast this morning. I have to hold back. I want a rye bread right now! But if I eat everything now (yes, I’m very capable of doing that) then I’ll be without rye bread until someone sends me some (or brings me some).

3. The link. Still looking for it. How to write a novel in 100 days or less. There you go.

Go have a look. It basically takes you from the first line to the first draft to the editing process and finally to the query process. And take extra note of what you’re supposed to do on the 101st day…

Now, stop surfing the internet doing “research”, close the facebook tab, and start writing! *kicks self in butt*


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