Fools day and ten rules for writing fiction

April 1st came and went. I think we were too busy at work to notice it. At least I was busy. Things are going on at work and I’m sort of caught up in the middle of it. Things need to happen, and quick, but there is nobody to set the ball rolling. Or they’re setting the ball rolling veeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyy slooooooooooooow…

Things need to be made official, and it’s hard to talk with my colleagues and superiors when I’ve had conversations with the big boss that I didn’t have – one of the quirks of working in a dungeon. I’m so cut off from the rest of the world that a lot of managers see it as THE PLACE to talk confidential-ish stuff… and I’m often there eavesdropping (well, I guess it’s not eavesdropping if they know I’m there.)

So beside work, April is the month of writing frenziedly (if not every month is it.) So head over to and sign up.

Although it’s called Script Frenzy I’m not writing a script. Been there done that, I didn’t even manage a page before I succumbed to the too detailed writing of the art of novelling. So I decided to decimate April to finishing as many outstanding novels/novellas/short stories as possible. (And I’m pretty sure I mean dedicate, not decimate…)
Because that is my biggest vice when it comes to writing; I start a lot of stories, I plan them, at least I know how they will end – most of them. And then the initial thrill sort of wears off and they strand in the boring middle, unable to reach the waves of the sea.

I realized it’s because the middles are boring. They’re absolutely sagging. So I’m training myself in writing every single chapter as exciting as possible (without destroying the climax of course). Off-Piste is a short story where I’m just training on captivating the reader to read more. It’s about Jess who is learning to ski in the Alps, and she’s not really good at it. In fact she actually sucks at slaloming and usually goes freight train down the slopes – until her gorgeous skiing instructor helps her. (No it’s not sexy or romantic, it’s… sort of funny… I might put it up when I’m done. Might.) I’m going to finish it and then start on finishing Getting Even, because I’m in a good mood and up for pranking characters.

Before I go back to my crazy world of writing (which included a 30 min writing marathon where I managed to pen about 1000 words and then spent the rest of the day looking for old writing desks, portable writing desks and how to make your completely normal monitor a touchscreen monitor. I even found a steampunk touchscreen computer D: me wants!) I want to share something with you. Yep, it’s another link. To get you writing.

Ten rules for writing fiction | Books |
Get an accountant, abstain from sex and similes, cut, rewrite, then cut and rewrite again – if all else fails, pray. Inspired by Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing, we asked authors for their personal dos and don’ts

Learn the rules well, and then forget them – Matsuo Basho


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