In need of a character? or a serene storyline?

Just choose their origin, their sex and where they live, the rest is served on a gold platter: Generate a Random Name – Random, Hispanic, United States – Fake Name Generator. And under advanced options you can set the age-range if you don’t want a main character who is 63 years old…

I’m having too much fun with this. I generate name after name and read their specifics and dream up stories about how they are and why they chose whatever profession they chose and how they feel about their height and weight, if it bothers them to be skinny or if they’re confident as a big person. I really should start writing instead of just dreaming and thinking…

Picture belongs to thatgamecompany, I'm just spreadin' the love.

And it didn’t do me better to find thatgamecompany and their wonderfully artistic, serene, meditative (I could go on forever) games. I especially would like to try Journey  and Flower, heck, I’d like to try all of their games… now, where can I find a cheap tv and a PS3??



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