So smooooth!

I am getting trained for administration work since one of the admin guys are leaving on Saturday (big panic) and I have to learn how to do everything before then (and he’s only working on said Saturday, yep, big panic). I’ve been stressing through my work, just so that I can at least spend a couple of hours with him and get a  hang of what he’s doing (I hate paperwork – unless it’s a book, and all those damned reports that are basically copies of each other, but with ten different ways to be dealt with… sigh)

So today has been a caffeine-hyper day (without the caffeine, sadly) and I had to leave my work in the middle so that I’d have time to see him before he left for the day. Anyways, We werein the admin office, me sitting in the only comfortable chair there (they are so gentlemen… *cough*Icommandeeredthechairbeforeanyofthemcouldtakeit*cough*) and the leaving guy was hanging on the table beside me pointing at the computer screen what I should do which buttons I should press (turns out I don’t have admin privileges (yet) so I had to sign out and he had to sign in – took us like five ten minutes before we realized that).
Another admin guy comes in and joins us (he’s gonna take care of half my workload in admin I hope) he’s getting trained too. They started talking over the back of my chair, since I was leaning forward, eyes glued to the screen concentrating to the max on what I was doing so that I’ll remember what to do a couple of weeks from now.

I was only listening to them with half an ear, and interrupted at a low point in the conversation to get instructions. When I was getting my instructions, and the leaving guy was focusing on me, the other guy said with a distant and dreamy voice:

“Your hair looks so smooth!”

Then he realized he had spoken out loud and became completely embarrassed. I thanked him for the compliment while my leaving colleague continued to laugh his ass off. I have so nice colleagues sometimes.


4 thoughts on “So smooooth!

  1. Don’t panic, they chose you for a reason. Just be yourself and do what yo do, and everything will be just fine. Deep breaths also help.

    At least the guy didn’t reach out and start stroking your hair. That would have been creepy to the tenth power!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂
      Yeah, if he had started stroking my hair I would have probably gone up the ceiling. But he’s a nice guy, careful and polite and all that, and I think he was the one most disturbed by what he said 🙂

  2. Jobbigt med jobbet. Alltid jobbigt att lära sig något nytt dataprogram eller liknande speciellt om den som vet nåt inte är där sen när man måste börja använda det. Men rolig story med kollegorna. 🙂

    1. hehehe, mina kollegor är helt galna… kan bero på att de för det mesta kommer från andra halvan av jordklotet, eller så har de bara varit på jobbet för länge… 🙂

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