I linked to Write or Die in my last post, and thought it only suitable to link to Dr Wicked’s next site for writers: EditMinion.

For use when you’ve written your first manuscript (using Write or Die or not) and are about to start the editing process. Unfortunately EditMinion does not make a crappy story good, but it makes crappy writing better. You know all those adverbs and weak words that you should avoid, and the passive voice? This little minion catches all those and highlight it green or red (red being bad green being good).
I tested it on one of my writings and got ONE green word, the rest were yellow or purple (mostly passive voice). Editing out all the was-es and were-s is quite interesting, and sometimes it’s hard to write a sentence without was (if you’re as hardwired into the was-were universe as me) But it’s doable. I  managed to eliminate all was-es and were-s and now the writing looks sooooo much better. I really recommend it!

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