Remember to backup!

A couple of days ago, quite late at night (around midnight) I suddenly got it into my brain to backup all my writing files. I still have a file to go through and backup, but my main stories are now safely stored as google documents.

A couple of months ago my computer (I have a MacBook Pro) decided not to wake up. It buzzed for a couple of seconds then clicked and was dead. Every time I pressed the start button the same thing happened. Buzz-click-dead. Of course I panicked! I was practically hyperventilating and crying. But I took it to the Mac doctor and he changed the processor (I think it was the processor, the brain of the machine that was overused and had walked into the wall – so to speak (Note to self: stop using so many programs at a time and close all browser tabs)) and happily I got my computer back without spending a dime or penny (it was obviously still under the warranty – which I had no idea I had). I went on as usual, but as I wrote, a couple of days ago I got this feeling that I NEED to back up my stories. If I lost what I have written this far I’d die. I’d cry and then die. But now I can sleep easy.

And the day after I backed up my files, guess what happened? No.

My sister‘s computer crashed!

So, before you read the next blog post or open the next tab in your browser, take at least one story or file you’d die without and back it up. Either send it to yourself as an email attachment or use Google Documents (I use this and reccommend it. If you save your writing as Google documents instead of .doc or .pdf or .jpg it doesn’t take up any space, so technically you can save a whole library of writing there) or Dropbox (haven’t tried that one yet).


One thought on “Remember to backup!

  1. I tell writers this all the time, but most don’t remember until it’s too late. It happened to me about a year ago, but thankfully I recovered the hard drive and all of my writing. Now I use a memory stick and external hard drive as backups.

    Great post and great advice! Back up your files people!

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