750 words per day

I told myself, after a failed February (not really failed, I’ve possible never written this much in a month that hasn’t been named November, I mean writing every day). On the day’s I’ve written, I’ve managed about 1000 to 2000 words(one day I sprouted 3000 words! woohoo!) but I haven’t been writing consistently every day.

So I looked at March as a new start, 750 words per day, not that hard. And then comes work. Everything is mashed up in the same week, I’m supposed to go to this other store and cover, now I’m covering in our store, as well as doing my own job.

The writing fell to the side as I fell in bed when I got home (this Saturday I fell asleep at 5pm! and woke up by 10pm…) My longest streak of consecutive days of writing was in fact in February, when I managed 10 days of writing. This month, so far, 9 days in a row is my record. According to the 750words site I’ve ‘failed’, but according to myself I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve gotten more written during these two months than what I got written in the whole last year. Almost. Seems like the only time I can write like mad, without pausing a single day is in November. 🙂

Despite the fact that 750words don’t have a privacy policy, it’s a good concept, especially the word-statistics. I’m probably going to use it less and less, until there is a functional privacy policy, right now it’s just the creator’s word that he’s not looking at what people are writing…


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