Funny day at work

We have storephones for the employees, some are stationary others are all around the place, and more often than not the wrong person has the phone. The phones are numbered, and you just dial that number to reach that phone, and hope that the right person answer. Today nobody but the duty manager had the right phone.

It started with a tannoy from one of the check out guys asking for an authorisation from F the supervisor. Most probably he had tried the supervisor number but got the wrong person. Two minutes later the same guy calls me and asks for F, I tell him F is on a break. After I hang up he tannoys for any available manager to come and do the authorisation and after another two minutes he tannoyed for the Duty Manager to come.

Five seconds later Duty Manager S tannoys “F to contact fivehundred, F please contact fivehundred”.

F had just left my office saying he’s going on his break and I was about to lift my phone and call manager S to tell him F is on his break when F tannoys “S to contact five-oh-free, S to contact five-oh-free” Which is the stock manager’s phone.

Two seconds later my phone rings and I pick up the phone and hear one of the other check out guys: (they call me Petra at work FYI)

“Petra, oh, F is here, thank you.” *click*

And I was standing there, with the phone to my ear, wondering what happened, and couldn’t resist laughing. šŸ™‚

Something to weigh up my 9.5 hours straight workday yesterday…

This is the reason I haven’t been writing that much lately. Work is slowly killing me. -.-


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