BA Hons in Creative Writing?

It would cost me £4855 to get a Ba Hons in Creative Writing. And 3 years of online studies. I am so tempted to enroll. I found it on and so far it’s the cheapest one I’ve encountered that offer a degree. Not that I’ve been searching very deeply – barely skimmed the surface I am sure – but right now, my mindset is right, and I’d be more than happy to pay that fee.

So, you might think I’m crazy, you might say that’s such a low sum for a BA Hons, but mind you, where I come from education is free. I spent 5 years at University (nope, no degree, no nothing, but a track record of party pics and numerous files crammed with notes and papers and assignments ( I studied math… oh yeah!)) and the only debt I have is about 3000€ (and that’s because I chose to live above my means, in a private flat (tripled my rent + bills), in stead of student housing (that’s actually pretty good where I come from – don’t know about student housing anywhere else in the world). I paid a nominal fee of about 60-80€ per year to the Student Union at the University so that I could get cheap meals at the student café. That’s about it. I could have a Masters if I had applied myself to it, but I didn’t.

Sometimes I miss my time at Uni. It was hard, but it was also fun… and I was wasting my time big time on a degree I didn’t want anything to do with. It hurts me to confess it, but I’ve realized it’s true. I fancy math, I even like it, it’s cool and I like solving the problems that arise, really make use of my brain. But it’s all for fun, I don’t want to work with math. I’ve tried being math teacher, over a year – the kids (13-15 year olds) are … (rest of the sentence is censured on account I don’t want to hurt people). I’ve even worked for the University. But it took me five years -five years!- to realize I didn’t want a math degree at all, not for my future. It would only hang on my wall so that I could boast about it.

“Look at my degree, I’m so smart I have a degree in Math! What do you have?” *boast boast*

No degree is hanging on my wall. My wall is a clean blank slate (in the worst colour imaginable – Magnolia! *uuuurrrrggggghhhh*)

I want to be creative. I want to paint, draw, tell stories. Use my imagination. And now I’m wondering if those five years would equal 3 years and £4855? It would be about 16-24hrs/week (according to the site) that’s about part-time… and I’m working part-time (okay, who am I kidding, I work more like full time than part time -.-) so there isn’t really a problem there. The problem is more the question if I should do it?

Why am I so afraid to do something I REALLY WANT TO DO? Just because it costs and I would get it for free at home (except I haven’t found any course or degree similar to this one at home). I’m afraid I’ll get disappointed and then the money is just wasted. I’m afraid I won’t make it. AH, Damn you fear, I will kick you in the butt!

*Off to check her bank account status*



One thought on “BA Hons in Creative Writing?

  1. I’m going to keep my comment short and sweet: Do what is best for you. Only you know what that is, so do whatever it is and stick to it.

    “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye.” Helen Keller

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