My dear family and facebook

Facebook. The social media, the myth, the legend… I spend an unhealthy time there, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I’m trying to break free, but when I’m several countries away from my family and my friends I can’t. Because then I would have no clue what’s going on at home and, of course, I want to keep in contact with everyone I know. My whole family is there, on facebook, except mum – she says she doesn’t deal with that kind of stuff…

There are several websites on the net where people can upload funny conversations on their iPhones, or Facebook or other media, and I always think my friends are too boring to do any funny mistakes, or to smart to write any stupid comments (that’s what happens when half of your friends-list is from University).

I stand corrected.

This is a conversation between my dear sister and my brother from Facebook, about 20-ish both of them, occasionally living at my parents place, which has 3 toilets, which sometimes feels like 2 too few.

My sister to my brother: Thanks for the surprise you left in the toilet… was seriously gonna puke -.-
My brother:
Whooot?? No, I never went to the toilet!
My sister:
Okaaay :S
*sitting in London, laughing her ass off*


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