Here be dragons

I don’t read much about dragons, I must confess. I can’t even remember a single book I’ve read that starred dragons. Okay, now I’m lying, I just remembered Harry Potter. But apart from Harry Potter… *ransacking brain* I just draw a blank…

I draw dragons. I paint them, I look for pictures of them and revel in the multitude of these fire breathing, ice breathing, wingless or with wings, mythological creatures. Right now my eyes have fallen in love with one particular dragon, and I can’t wait to have it here, in my hands, ready to be painted.

Before I show the picture of my recent dragon-love I have a confession to make:
Yep, I play warhammer (well, I paint mostly, but when the opportunity rises I go to war with my wood elves)

It’s a Dark elf Dreadlord, I know, but the dragon! The DRAGON! ❤

I’m thinking of painting it darker with a slight green tint, with light golden metalplates… when I get it of course… and I get it when I go and buy it. When I’ve gathered courage to do that I don’t know, but I’ll probably keep you well updated about the status, whether you want it or not… 😉

Warhammer and the picture of the dragon belongs to Games Workshop, and I spend too much of my time drooling over their pages. If I became a millionaire, I’d probably spend an unhealthy part of the money on GW figures and/or dragons.


3 thoughts on “Here be dragons

  1. We, (your faithful blog followers) will most assuredly get to see the finished product. I’m trusting that you’ll say yes.
    Since you paint, the question naturally arises of whether or not you would paint your own cover art. Perhaps you already have. I know I would.

    1. Aw, thank you! 🙂 and with most probability, yes.
      I have actually painted my own cover art, on the computer, (the colorful bits and parts you can see on the pages of “I Called Him Gabriel” and “Then Came Mary”) but I’m not that satisfied with the outcome and am dabbling with actually physically painting or drawing them. But right now I’m too focused on what’s between the covers to care about the covers. Maybe when I get something worth publishing I’ll come back to the cover art. 🙂

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