What I found in my computer, tip #1


No excuses what so ever when it comes to writing.

No *choose a number from below and insert it here*

  1. I don’t have time
  2. I have writer’s block
  3. I’m waiting for inspiration
  4. I’m too tired now
  5. Later
  6. Tomorrow
  7. I’m too old/young/unexperienced/whatnot to start
  8. Blaming others for not having time to write
  9. My job is too demanding for me to be able to write in my spare time
  10. But my story idea sucks, it’s not as good as *insert favourite author’s book here*
  11. Excuses!

Writing is like painting or drawing. You don’t become good at it overnight, or just because you took some classes or whatever. A friend told me her drawings looked like a six year old’s drawings, because she had stopped drawing at that age, and the reason my drawings were so good was that I had continued drawing, I had spent several probably thousands of hours drawing, when she had not.

That’s what it comes to. Hard work. Practice. It takes time, and if you don’t do it, you’ll never be any good.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t just sit down one day and write a book one day. Even a six year old can cover a whole canvas with paint, and it can even look artsy, so why can’t you cover a book’s pages with letters? Who knows, it might even look booksy… (not sure if that is a word, but I’m just going to go with it)

So, BIC HOK TAM (That’s short for Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard, Typing Away Madly) No excuses any more, get that book down once and for all!


2 thoughts on “What I found in my computer, tip #1

  1. I think many people tend to inadvertantly discourage themselves when it comes to writing. “How can I write an entire novel (80k-100k words)?” For me it’s simply a matter of organization. I like to write a background for each character and an outline of where I want the story to go. This helps me greatly, but might not make sense to someone else. What keeps me writing is the whole creation aspect. Nobody can tell me that I can’t make dogs fly, chocolate flavored rain, etc., it literally is your world to shape as you see fit. After all most people who get behind the wheel of a car don’t see it as an opportunity to crash and burn, but a means to get where they want to go. The same can be said for writing. If we think of it as a way to express ourselves creatively instead of a new way to fail at something, anything is possible, even success.

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