My horoscope for today

is fairly accurate… or should I say scary? This is exactly what I’ve been doing all day long :S these horoscopes are usually very broad and general sounding, but this one… this one… Bullseye! I’m awed.

Friday, Jan 27th, 2012 — You could get lost in your fantasies today about producing great works of art, but you may needlessly worry that you lack the talent to pull it off. Nevertheless, allow yourself to imagine what you might do if you didn’t need to earn a living and manage your everyday responsibilities. There’s no place for self-limiting thinking now, so express yourself as creatively as you can. Make time for playful endeavors, even if only as a practice to connect with your inner child.

Copypasted without rhyme or reason from because I don’t know how far back you’re able to see their predictions, and this one was too… too everything to let pass into cyberspaceoblivion, so I had to share it. 🙂


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