37000 words

well, they’re 37 827 actually so a short writing session more and then I’m up in 38 000 words. (I’m talking about NaNoWriMo of course.) I’m currently writing I Called Him Gabriel, and must admit that it’s worse than last year, but better than the year before last year. With a lot of editing and re-writing this will be quite good. I just have to finish it off first.

I was also surfing the net, as usual and came across Holly Lisle’s site again, and one of her posts about plotting. Plotting with index cards.

I’ve heard this before and I’ve even tried it, but she explained it so nicely:

First you decide how many words your novel is going to be.

Then you decide how many words per chapter (approximate) and calculate how many chapters.

Then you find you main character or characters and what viewpoint you’re going to write in.

Then you decide how many chapters each character gets, then you start plotting.

It sounds so simple I’m about to give it a try. ^.^

Here is the article on Holly Lisle’s site: Notecarding: Plotting Under Pressure


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