I had tears in my eyes

but I didn’t cry is my way of saying, mostly when talking about movies, but also books, that there was a sad bit, the ending was sad, but I didn’t care enough about the characters to cry. I care so much that I am touched by the sad events, but my whole being is not completely in it.

As an example: I had tears in my eyes after I watched Sanctum, but I didn’t cry. While, on the other hand, I was absolutely bawling my eyes out after watching Finding Neverland. (Do watch it if you haven’t!)

I had tears in my eyes after watching the last Harry Potter movie, but I didn’t cry. I flooded the book with tears while reading, and had to stop because I couldn’t see anything while crying. And on a side note: Has anyone noticed how beautiful eyes Lord Voldemort has in the movies. They look so sad, and filled with emotions… <.<

You can see his eyes better in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: part 2. Watch it.

(I’m somewhat obsessed with movies, if you haven’t noticed)


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