If you’re writing stories

where do you get your ideas from? It’s not that I have run out of ideas, I’m just curious.

My ideas can start with a simple line, or a simple thought, like What if? That’s how Then Came Mary started. I created a character called Mary Sue, and then I asked myself: What if Mary Sue wasn’t a Mary Sue? What if she just had the name and was quite the opposite to what a Mary Sue is? (If you’re into writing and don’t know who Mary Sue is, you have to read this: Mary Sue – Wikipedia) And so Mary Zuu was born (Zuu is her last name FYI)

I Called Him Gabriel has been floating around in my mind for quite some time now, but I think it all started with What if: What if the boy Iris believes to be an angel really isn’t an angel, but something worse? And then the title was born, because Iris called him Gabriel, after the archangel.

So, where does your ideas come from? Do you sit and force them to come, or do they jump down, like a cat on a mouse, on you and surprise you?


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