Time flies

like a banana, fruit like an arrow. Or how is it?

I’ve been off today. No work, no nothing. Got up at eight and since then I haven’t done anything worthwhile. Well, I’ve drawn. Miss Georgiana Darcy from the 2005 movie. I love her smile as she meets miss Elizabeth for the first time, and her brother is almost babbling, the gaze she gives him says so much. So I wanted to draw her. I drew her and a mermaid and a Kirin and now I’m sitting here wondering where the time went. It was 12 just seconds ago. But! I’ve had time to watch the last Harry Potter movie. I had tears in my eyes, but I didn’t cry. Compared to when I read the book, I almost bawled my eyes out! Anyways, I’m still of the opinion books are much better than movies. (there may be some exceptions though)

13 days left until November and I’m feeling quite positive about it. I found a nice site about writing tips and have been reading and reading … take a look at Alexandra Sokoloffs tips. Pure love, I tell you!

Now, where is that coffee pot? For I feel like having a caffeinated burst of energy. I desperately want to write, but am feeling a bit sluggish from being inside the whole day. This can’t be good.


2 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. I agree books always seem to be much better! The wife & I loved the movie but I tried to explain to her how the movie was good, but the book was perfection 🙂

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