I must have some plot holes in my brain. Not pot holes but plot holes. Yesterday I thought of blogging. I don’t know where that thought went. It was probably eaten up by work. My dear Supervisor was in an accident of some sort. Nobody really knows. Either that, or she is as sick and tired of work as she said she is and called in sick just because. I’d like to call in sick just because. But my pride stops me. So instead I’m working overtime, I have everybody else at front end working overtime for me too, even though I’m not a supervisor. Because of all sick calls I would have been alone from 3pm to 9pm in checkouts yesterday. When I found this out (nobody had bothered to inform me of this and I doubt any actions would have been taken if my co-worker hadn’t pointed out for me that she was totally alone on Tuesday in check outs) I marched immediately to my Manager and told him that if he didn’t find someone who wanted to work overtime with me on Thursday, I wouldn’t turn up for work. Half an hour later he peeks in through the door to admin office where I was doing some paperwork and whispers to me that he got someone for me. I normally don’t complain and I usually keep quiet and make do with what I have. Except for this time.

Other than that, I’m trying to assemble some Glade Guards, but I’m not that motivated. I’m rebuilding them as I assemble them and that means a lot of greenstuff and a lot of waiting time to let the greenstuff harden. So far I’ve done three heads and two lower bodies. I’m not going to touch the upper bodies I’ve decided.

Moreover only 17 days left.


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