Free day

Well, the thing with posting every day … ehrrmm … (feel free to give me a mental kick in the butt) I can try to explain it by blaming work. The Supervisor called in sick, and then my co-worker, so it would have been only me in the whole checkouts for 2.5 hours last evening. Luckily someone forced my sick co-worker to come and save me, and I felt so grateful to her that I let her hang around the checkouts in the beginning, and clean up – a much easier job than handling customers. And then our Manager asks me to take care of frontend and the checkouts and take in the tills for the night, so suddenly I was acting supervisor. A bit stressful, and if they offer me job as a supervisor I will probably say thanks, but no thank you. It’s not for me. I can handle myself. Occasionally I can handle a couple of coworkers, and I can take care of the check outs if I have to. But I don’t want to do it all the time. Besides becoming supervisor means I’ll have to give up cash office, and then my colleague in cash office will be in trouble. No, I’m quite content where I am right now, if not a bit bored.

Because I forgot to post yesterday (I’m still blaming work) today will be a longer post. I was gonna write “than usual” after ‘today will be a longer post’ but I think my usual posts tend to be long. I still have to grasp the art of writing with few words and still conveying all that I want to be said. I should practice.

With that I will only add: 20 days until November.

And that concludes my post.


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